We are an idea incubator focused on empowering students, researchers, and entrepreneurs who have productivity-boosting or happiness-generating ideas that use technology to augment the human experience.

Distributed Research

Ideas come from anywhere & everywhere and often multiple people are inspired to do the same things. We offer talented individuals the freedom to explore whatever is most exciting to you in the moment and exposure to find more like minded collaborators.

Enterprise SWAT

The best builders rely on trusted resources. We provide connections, press, technical, operational, legal, and other industry-specific functions as needed, putting you at the center of a lean, agile organization to get you from MVP to proven product.

Market Acceleration

Healthy growth stems from solid strategic foundations and a thesis for need. Our seasoned entrepreneurs help you develop marketing campaigns, seek partnerships & investment, and pivot to demand. This is where things scale from side project to real business.



What was the need?

Accurate weather data combined with careful data science and easy to use design can help parents, teachers, and students predict a surprise day off from school. Snow Day Calculator answers the burning question of “Will I have a Snow Day?” and channels the excitement into a vibrant and loyal community.

What was built?

Snow Day Calculator generates wickedly accurate predictions for all zip codes in the United States & Canada by feeding real-time weather data to a proprietary algorithm. The service, which is offered through both a website and mobile apps, quickly garnered praise and a significant media attention and social media following.

Where are we now?

Snow Day Calculator receives over 6 million unique visitors and generates multiple revenue streams including non-standard streams like local advertising deals, licensing agreements, and app downloads.


What was the need?

Competitive swimming is all about gradually pushing athletic limits through training. For the young swimmer, frustration can set in quickly if progress is not measured. Can athletes use data-driven insights to train smarter and harder?

What was built?

Swim Warrior provides training tools for the modern swim team. Complete with stepwise progress testing, personalized feedback, and gamified goal setting, the service is nurturing a generation of finely-tuned swimmers.

Where are we now?

Today, Swim Warrior is completing iterative product testing cycles with one of the largest teams in Arizona. Swim Warrior will graduate from it’s pre-startup phase by launching a campaign through the largest industry media outlet.


What was the need?

In Winter 2018 – there was a gaping market void – no headphone jacks on flagship phones but only one premium bluetooth headphone on the market priced at over $180. We knew that headphones experience 75% of annual sales during the holiday shopping season because they make such great gifts and that there was a clear latent demand for a premium but cheaper alternative product that a wider audience could buy.

What was built?

We partnered with electronics supplier which imported and sold products to retailers for over 30 years but whose business took a hit from the Amazon-effect. We piggy-backed on an existing supply chain & manufacturing process to source premium products at a competitive price and gracefully recovered profits for our partner by beginning to market and sell directly to consumers, bypassing Amazon, and creating a brand for the latent demand we anticipated.

Where are we now?

Within 1.5 months of the initial launch, the original thesis of latent market demand centered around the holiday shopping season was clear. We achieved six-figures in monthly sales and a massive customer base which we could provide a premium product at a fraction of the price. Our launch, timed perfectly to holiday demand, beat products from established electronics manufacturers to market (who released in January/February) because were were able to predict demand and execute quickly.


Below are some active projects in the R&D phase.

Our interests include, but are not limited to some of the ideas below. Feel free to use our ideas as the topic of your pitch or bring something fresh.

Pineal Eye


Pineal Eye brings together work on 3D Art, Augmented Reality, Visual AI and Social Discovery. Our goal is to make true extended reality beautiful, easy to experience and deploy, a rich source of information, and have a positive impact on users through enabling bridging technologies between 3D artistic expression, web tech, AI, and ad tech.


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Email is the only true decentralized communication medium. It’s also the world’s largest collection of curated private knowledge and text ripe for NLP research. Help us build AI into email unlike anything that has been done before by building on an extensible platform for Distributed Private Machine Learning where community contributed tools, filters, and models become the new standard open source experience.


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Blue Chips


As traditional retail shrinks in favor of ecommerce and on demand, city real estate will be decomericalied into space for play, exploration, experiences, and spending time with others. We want to help remove hard boundaries of placing orders, making payments, and specifying preferences by using bluetooth proximity, combined with deeply integrated private profile systems to make everyone a VIP.


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Other ideas and topics:

  • Sensory Augmentation Systems
  • Enhanced Hospitality Management
  • Artificially Intelligent E-Mail
  • Socializing Media and Art Production
  • Decentralized Insurance
  • Distributed Market Sentiment Methods
  • Privacy Preserving Online Identity
  • Crypto Momentum and Market Making Algorithms
  • Natural Demand Dynamics of Markets
  • Augmented Reality Art and Education
  • Augmented Reality Marketing
  • Shopping Choice Enhancement
  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics


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